Anti-Ageing Serum


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NEW Forever Young Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml

Made with Rooibos extract, Solar Vitis and Argan stem cells
Stem Cell technology is the skin-care breakthrough of the decade. Stem cells are the most important cells in the skin. They are different from other cells, as they are able to renew themselves and can be induced to become cells that serve a specific function.
As we get older the number and activity of our stem cells is reduced. In the Anti-Ageing Serum we have added plant stem cells which have been proven to help repair skin stem cells and boost their activity to delay the ageing process. Plant stem cells don’t replace skin stem cells – they protect them, so that they can live longer, and activate them to enhance their performance. Stem cells in skin-care products are generally obtained from fruits or plants that are able to regenerate themselves or stay fresh for a long time.
Annique’s new state-of-the-art Anti-Ageing Serum contains two types of plant stem cells to regenerate and repair the skin.



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