Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil


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Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml
Improve the appearance of scars, acne marks and blemishes
The Annique Miracle Tissue Oil has been formulated with Rooibos infused oil to help calm and revive your skin. This light, easily absorbed tissue oil helps to improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin-tone and stretch marks.
Product Description
Improve the appearance of scars, acne marks and blemishes
The unique combination of nourishing plant oils like sweet almond, rosehip and baobab combined with a unique Rooibos infused oil makes it highly effective for numerous skin concerns, including aged, damaged and dehydrated skin.
  • For an intense moisturising treatment for very dry or dehydrated skin: Apply to face and neck before the Annique moisturiser for your skin type.
  • To help prevent dry brittle nails: Massage theRooibos Miracle Tissue Oil into cuticles and nails daily.
  • To help make new and old scars appear less obvious: ApplyRooibos Miracle Tissue Oil as often as possible. Newer scars will improve faster than older scars.
  • To help reduce stretch marks: ApplyRooibos Miracle Tissue Oil to stretch marks and areas where stretch marks might appear, like stomach, breasts and thighs as often as possible, followed by your moisturising body lotion.
  • For uneven skin-tone: Apply Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil daily, followed by your normal Annique skincare products and sun screen.
  • For an effective rejuvenating facial treatment: Apply Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil to your face and neck, before you apply any Annique facial masque, leave for 15 minutes and remove. Then apply your normal Annique Skincare products and sun screen.
  • For dry or cracked elbows, knees, hands and feet: Apply Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil to help soothe dry, cracked skin.
  • For a moisturising, nourishing hair treatment: Apply Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil to dry hair and scalp, wet a towel with hot water, and wrap it around your head. Leave on for 15 minutes and shampoo and dry hair as normal.
  • Rooibos infused oil rich in antioxidants and flavonoids (the rarest known supplement).
  • Sweet almond oil contains glucodides, minerals and vitamins and is rich in protein. Good for all skin types, relieves dryness, itching and inflammation.
  • Rosehip oil is a versatile oil, ideal for skin repair, rejuvenation, scar healing and moisturising.
  • Soya bean oil is high in vitamin E and its 60% linoleic acid content makes it valuable for helping many skin problems.
  • Baobab oil is a superb moisturiser for skin and hair with essential fatty acids to improve elasticity, cell regeneration and skin restructuring.
  • Vitamin E is nature’s optimal skin rejuvenator and healer.
 ‘Annique’s Miracle Tissue Oil, Resque Crème and Liquid Skin Nutrition helped my skin recover beautifully from scars after I had moles removed on my face. Thank you Annique! I had 7 scars with 25 stitches and applied these products immediately after the procedure, and three times a day.’ Irma Viljoen



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