Essense Miracle Tissue Oil Body Butter

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A soft, silky feel to apply after a bath or shower.

This antioxidant rich body butter contains:
- Avocado oil to moisturise and protect your skin from UV rays and assists with wound healing; - -- Coconut Oil composed primarily of saturated fats to help repair your skin's natural barrier and has anti-fungal properties;
- Cocoa Butter which is great for healing dry, sensitive skin and penetrates the skin for deep hydration;
- Shea Butter to protect your skin's natural oils thus remedying dry skin;
- Aloe Vera which contains 2 plant hormones- auxin and gibberellin which assist in wound healing, anti-inflammation and gibberellin promotes growth of new cells to speed up healing naturally limiting scarring and also
- Rooibos Extract with its powerful Antioxidant benefits.

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