Lucid Optimal Night Renewal


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Annique Optimal Night Renewal cream is best for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

A Good night cream is a must to keep your skin from ageing prematurely. Skin cells are more active when you are asleep and need a high-moisture and well-nourished diet at night.

Because Annique Lucid Night Cream is rich in olive oil and macadamia nut oil it is well suited to for your skin’s night time needs. Rooibos extract fights free radical attacks on your skin and Aquavital is a plant ingredient that locks moisture into the cells to give your skin the optimal night time treatment.

✔ Fragrance Free

✔ Sensitive Skin

✔ Paraben Free

Optimal night cream will keep your skin supple, nourished and moisturised all through the year.


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