Resque Essential Roller Set: Calm, Focus, Uplift

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Wo need this?

  • People writing exams
  • People suffering from anxiety, stress and depression
  • People who have stress-related headaches
  • People who have trouble sleeping



We all love natural alternatives and for this reason we are excited to announce the launch of our Annique Resque Essential Roller set.

This set of 3 Essential Rollers, like Resque Essence, are formulated with essential oils targeted to specifically manage stress, uplift the spirit and increase energy, and to help you stay focussed.

Calm Roller:

Containing rosewood oil,  lavender oil, pelargonium oil and sandalwood you can calm the nerves by applying Annique's Calm Essential Roller to feet, wrists, behind the ears, temples or crown.  These are typical trigger points in your body that will help you handle stressful times.

-  This is a great natural option for children during exams.

Uplift Roller:

Deadlines, stresses and day-to-day can greatly affect your mood.  Elevate your spirit by applying the Uplift Essential Oil Roller to the feet, back of the neck, chest, temples or wrists and feel your worries dissipate. Containing sweet orange, grapefruit and lemongrass oils these are known to sooth anxiety and increase positivity.

Focus Roller:

Do you ever find your mind wandering while in a meeting or in the office?  Maintaining focus can be difficult in our fast paced culture of constant distractions.  Applying the Focus Essential Oil Roller to feet wrists, temples, and the back of neck or crown is a great, natural way to maintain concentration throughout the day. Ingredients include romemary (stimulates the mind), Gotu Kola (supports memory function) and ginseng (improves all-around mental function).



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