Face Facts: Problem Skin & Teenage skin

Face Facts: Problem Skin & Teenage skin


Annique Face Facts Range

Annique Face Facts Range contains Organic Green Rooibos extract which is a super Antioxidant. It detoxifies, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps promote cell regeneration.

Crystal Clear Face Wash is a gel wash to help fight bacteria, cleaning the skin and pores thoroughly. It is also a great shave gel for the men. Contains Green tea extract to help repair the skin and fight free-radicals. Contains fruit acid to help gently exfoliate the skin and remove oiliness.

The Moisture Source Moisturiser (for sensitive skins) contain Zinc Sulphate that inhibits breakouts and help with skin repair.
The Moisture Shield SPF8 moisturiser helps promote skin protection from the sun but also forms a barrier against bacteria.

The Calm Down Masque is ideal to calm redness, inflammation and promotes the healing process in the skin. It also great after waxing or as a spot treatment for those horrible unwanted pimples

Smooth over scrub removed dead skin cells from the skin and unclogs pores allowing new healthy cells to surface. It also improves circulation to allow the skin to skin to heal faster, become brighter and remove bacteria. 

The Liquid Skin Nutrition (Freshener) contains all the ingredients to promote a clear soft skin, removing impurities, cleanses the pores and hydrates the skins. Contains vitamins A, B, C and E.

Basic Daily Routine
This applies for any Annique Skin Care Routine:

Morning Routine: 
Rinse face with Green Tea and Normal Rooibos
Apply Daily Moisturiser
Apply SPF
Spray Freshener

Evening Routine:
Wash the skin with Cleanser (1-2 min gentle wash)
Apply Night cream
Spray Freshener

Weekly Routine: (once a week)
Exfoliate in the evenings after cleansing (2-3 min)
Mask after exfoliating (can apply treatment under mask) (10-15 min)

Add on Treatments to be used BEFORE moisturizer is applied:
Revitalising Cream
Skin Detox
Eye Therapy
DermaBright or RenitiQ

Add on treatments to be done AFTER Moisturiser is applied:
Lifting Essence-Neck and Bust
Miracle Tissue Oil
Vitamin E


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Face Facts Moisture Shield SPF8



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