Rooibos and Cranberry Tea (Limited edition)


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Rooibos Cranberry Flavoured Rooibos Tea 50g

As a potent antioxidant, Rooibos aids in preventing heart disease, cancer and ageing. Six cups a day will bring you optimal health boosting bene ts.

Annique’s Refreshing Rooibos and Cranberry tea is a clever combination of two antioxidant rich botanical substances that provide some important health benefits.

Organic acids in cranberries can help to dissolve fat deposits and flushing them out which is great news if you are trying to lose weight

Helps with urinary tract infections and with regular use helps to protect against recurrent infections

Provides a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals

Helps to flush toxins from your kidneys

Annique Cranberry tea tastes nice, it smells nice and it is good for you!

The refreshing Cranberry Tea is a unique blend of Annique’s finest Rooibos tea, flavoured with tantalising cranberry. The spirited colour and aroma of cranberries are reminiscent of festive get-togethers and celebrations. Enjoy hot or cold and as an iced tea. Add berries and apple juice for a delicious summer punch.


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